Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kansas City, Here I Come!

Actually, that was back in June. I'm so behind that I'd skip it, but we got to see the house where Jesse James was shot! We even got to see the bullet hole in the wall! Which as been enlarged by people picking away at it so they can have a piece of the hole. Only they dug him up in the 90s for DNA testing to make sure it was really him and he hadn't faked his death and there was no exit wound. And the stories (and the film) have only one shot being fired. So that hole is not a bullet hole.

So, here it is. An apocryphal hole.

And in case you missed the film, which we rented when we got back home, here's an artist's rendering of the dirty deed:

The house being from old timey days, there were some nice examples of embroidery:


And some nice examples of how ungentlemanly those gentlemen were.

I'll let this speak for itself:


On a somewhat more wholesome note, this is a loveseat where the woman's side has no back support, so she has to lean on her beau.

And then we went to Maid Rite, because His Awesomeness loves a good loose meat snadwich.

Oh, and HA's cousin got married and we got to see some family and friends, but mostly, it was all about the world famous hole.

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