Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift Stash

I'm on the fence about having a gift stash, even though it strikes me as a really good idea.

Pro: Stash busting without worrying about finding the perfect project or recipient yet.

Con: I'd just be moving the yarn from one box to another, albeit in different form.

Pro: Less rushing at gift time.

Con: Would it be less special to give a gift that wasn't specifically planned and made for the recipient? I have some bulky yarn that would make a great baby blanket. It's gender neutral colors and inexpensive acrylic, so I could give it to anyone. But I feel like I should make it with a specific person in mind.

Pro: I currently have more yarn than I'm comfortable having. (Some stuff I inherited, some was given to me by a nice lady who I freecycled some stuff to.) With no specific plans for that yarn, it's weighing on me (like knitting through it all is just another chore) and I feel like I should just dive into the closet, grab some yarn and make something, anything with it.

Con: What if the perfect project for that yarn comes along later? While the gift is still sitting in my gift stash? Do I frog it to use the yarn for the newly found perfect project? That would feel like a waste of knitting time, but buying new yarn would feel like a waste of money.

Pro: More knitted gifts

Pro: Getting to make projects just because I want to instead of waiting for the right gift giving occasion and then not having enough time to make the project and I really just wanna make an amigurumi cheeseburger. And a baby kimono. (Ravelry links)

What are your thoughts on having a gift stash? Do you have one? Do you think I should?

I think the problem is that I'm having Dulaan withdrawal. A couple of years ago, I knit up a bunch of unfortunate yarn purchases and leftovers into hats to be sent to Mongolia. I didn't know who the recipient would be and so I just made whatever. The Dulaan project is still going on, but Ryan decided to call it quits because her Cuzzin Tom (who spent a lot of time doing relief work in Mongolia) said that his assessment was that the Mongolians' clothing needs were now covered and they needed other kinds of help. The people who actually sent the clothes over and distributed them disagreed and from what little Ryan was willing to report, they were really mean to her about it. So I'm not knitting for them anymore.

Other charity knitting projects I've found have specific guidelines that don't work for me (specific items, or specific fibers). Or they're about making people feel better rather than make them warm. A good cause, but for something like that I'd care more about making a good finished object than just using up some yarn. Though with knitting for a gift stash, I'd also be concerned about the FO more than the stash busting.

Any suggestions on charity knitting projects?

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  1. Working backwards here...

    Charity knitting: Have you looked into Afghans for Afghans?

    Gift stash: I think it's a terrific idea. It doesn't matter if you had a specific person/project in mind when shopping for materials. What matters is that the gift you give someone is something that's appropriate for that person.

    So if you happen to have, say, a cabled scarf in that stash and you find out that your friend really needs a scarf and is mad for cables, I really don't see anything wrong at all with giving him or her that scarf!


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