Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grown Ups

We all have our moments when we stop and say, "hey, I'm a grown up. When the hell did that happen?"

Maybe it's when we get excited about new windows. Maybe it happens when you're fighting with the kids over the car keys.

For me, it happened at jury duty. This had nothing to do with being entrusted with deciding the fate of another human being and everything to do with looking around the table in the jury room and realizing that with the exception of 2 retirees, the entire group was MY AGE. Different people with a variety of jobs and tastes and they were all (by appearances anyway) in their 30s. One guy was even reading Kevin Smith's book. Ten of the 12 people in that room were kids when Star Wars came out, wore oversized shirts in the 80s, did the grunge thing in the 90s and lived through the Y2K nonsense. Just like me.

This wasn't just a jury of the defendant's peers, it was a jury of MY peers. Juries are made up of grown-ups, ergo, I am a grown up.

I don't have to start doing other grown up stuff now, do I? Does this mean I have to buy a house and worry about cleaning out the gutters? Because that kind of thing sounds like it would really cut into my consumption of pop culture time and I don't want to get behind on my Venture Brothers and The Middleman.

Or maybe it's just that this Ozzie and Harriet image we all have of adulthood and all it really takes to be a grown-up is a modicum of maturity and possibly also the financial wherewithal to buy all the action figures and comic books you want.


  1. I had a similar moment this summer - Peg and I went to a "grown up" function. There were no kids, no relatives, no one we knew from college... just adults. On the way home we realized what that meant in our lives. It made us feel even more grown up than having kids!

    ..and later that night, I watched all the "Robot Chicken" that I had saved on the DVR.

    You have to clean gutters? That would explain a lot.

  2. I feel grown up when I choose to read on the couch rather than go out on the town-wait, that's just old.

  3. When I was in the airport and they were playing muzack versions of 80s Britpop - and I knew and liked all the songs muzackified.


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