Thursday, September 18, 2008

Holy Mole

Burritoville, we hardly knew ye.

I approach Mexican food in NYC the same way I approached Star Trek V. With low expectations. It cuts down on the disappointment. Texas and California transplants will always complain about the poor excuse for tex mex in this city, but for what it is, it's fine. I suspect there are many places in the US where it's even less authentic. And really, if you want the authentic stuff, don't eat the pale imitations in other cities. As a New Yorker, you won't see me eating bagels or pizza in other parts of the country.

S'anyway, I liked Burritoville. I enjoyed their Holy Mole burrito (chicken in mole sauce), but went a very long time without eating there because of my diet. The tortilla! The smattering of cheese! The dribbles of sour cream! How many WW points is mole sauce anyway? Oh, the horror.

But compared to a lot of other fast food, it was pretty healthy and low in calories. We all know the fast food chains are crazy, but take a look at the pre-made sandwiches in an sandwich shop sometime. You'll see the words "97% fat free" on a sign describing a sandwich and think it's a low-cal choice. But then you read more closely and realize that the chicken on the sandwich is 97% fat free and they're not saying anything about the fat content of the bread, the cheese or the mayo-based sauce involved with the sandwich.

But who even cares about that? I've sworn off dieting and depriving myself and making myself miserable. I've been wanting a Holy Mole burrito for a while now, but they're not that conveniently located, so it didn't happen. Two days ago, I tried to go there on my way to my writing group and it was closed. I thought it was just that location. And now there will never be another Holy Mole burrito again and I will always regret that I didn't have them more while I had the chance.

What's your favorite local food? Or non-local food that'll just have to do because you're not in the right area for that sort of food?

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