Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jen's Awesome Adventure

So I moseyed up the Apple Store on 5th Avenue to turn my iPod in for battery replacement. (If you've never been to that location, click the link and see how pretty the store is.) My iPod is 5 or 6 years old now and the battery only lasts about 2 hours before it conks out. So after hemming and hawing and comparing prices and weights, I decided to keep my iPod, but get the battery fixed. (The new ones are way thinner, but not much lighter and I'm not going to spend $200 to make my purse 2 ounces lighter.) But with the Apple replacement program that means they'll give me a refurbished model and whisk my beloved iPod away for refurbishing for someone else (or to use for donor organs). I've been feeling sentimental, since my iPod has been with me for so long, but I need the damn thing to carry me through a work day and a trip to the gym without my having to take a plug with me to the office.

It turns out that I had to make an appointment for the Genius Bar, so I'll be going back tomorrow. But today, as I was leaving the subway, ascending to 5th avenue and Central Park South, I had a celebrity sighting. Project Runway's Laura Bennett and her husband were also coming out of the subway. I'm glad I didn't forget myself and start talking to her because I was dressed a little shlumpy and she's all about the glam. Plus, I'm not sure how I feel about her. She dresses super stylishly because as a mom, it's just a few short steps to sweatpants every day. Well, yes, but some of us would rather be comfortable than wear 4 inch high heels while chasing after our 5 kids. Or 1 kid. Or no kids. I may have even yelled at her through the TV a few times because I really felt that she sort of needed to fuck off.

And then Tim visited her at home and we saw that she really does chase after those kids and their pet turtle while in a fancy dress and 4 inch pumps. I guess that may have made me like her a little bit more, even though I firmly believe that any day that might involve turtle wrangling should be faced in sneakers.

But then she designed a version of her little black dress for QVC that flatters many figures, was available in a broad range of sizes and wasn't too expensive. So does that make me like her more?

But then again wearing that dress in an everyday situation seems to require a commitment to dressing up every other day, otherwise people would keep asking you if you were on your way to a party when you were just picking up the kids. You can't throw on the little black dress for Tuesdays and then wear your lululemon track suits every other day of the week. Not unless you want the neighbors to think that you're an "escort", but only on Tuesdays.

But does the fact that she takes the subway make me like her more?

But does the fact that she wears 4 inch heels on the subway make me like her less? Because my feet hurt enough from standing on the train in comfortable flats.

So thoughts? Should we love the fabulous or hate them for their fabulousness and implied sense of superiority? Am I just mad because I can't wear heels over 1" because I had bad ankles and knees, but have trouble finding low heels and flats these days because of all the 4" heels out there? Am I just bitter because I am not fabulous and as a techie, if I walked into work wearing a little black dress, everyone would ask if I was going to a funeral?


  1. Mmmm, Laura bugged the shit out of me that season, too, but I did get to like her after the show. I must admit, while she didn't necessarily inspire me to wear a dress and heels everyday, she did inspire me to do the little things, like shower daily and brush my hair before going to the supermarket, even on the days that I swear my son is trying to kill me through slow, slow torture.

  2. I've had people at work ask me if I was going out that night... I guess little black dress screams "date"? On the other hand, a colleague of mine wears 3-4" heels every day, and I have no idea how she can do it!

  3. I used to dress up and wear heals and make up. But now I'm a mom, and I feel like I should look like one. I should at least be able to bend over without showing my underpants, and walk on the grass without aerating it with high heels. I want to feel comfortable and look a little hip. Now, that means jeans, clogs, and no-iron shirt of some kind, lip gloss and maybe a necklace or earrings if I have time. If you think celebs look good all the time, pick up Star magazine from time to time. Sometimes they look worse than I do on my worst days. It's very reassuring.

    You should blog more often. You're laugh-out-loud funny.

  4. Laura was my favorite-even though it was obvious that she was the complete opposite of me, rich and stylish.

    Yeah, I was wearing the sweatpants before I had kids. That can't be good.


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