Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why His Awesomeness is Awesome

In honor of our first wedding anniversary, I present these examples of His Awesomeness' awesomeness.

  1. One Sunday in September, he started the laundry and I went to the supermarket, as is our wont. It was raining when I left the supermarket. I had left my umbrella home because it had rained that morning and we thought the rain was done for the day. Since I'd left my cell phone home, I did a quick look around for a pay phone so I could call HA to come collect me with an umbrella. No luck. So I shrugged and headed off into the rain. During the less than 10 minutes it took me to walk home, it started to rain so hard that by the time I got to the front door of  my building, my hair and clothes were soaked through. The elevator doors opened on my floor to reveal HA, with an umbrella, coming to collect me. 
  2. When I have agonizing headaches that get worse if I move, he brings me medicine. And ice packs. And kisses.
  3. On weekend mornings, he washes my coffee pot for me so I can start making myself coffee just a little sooner. Even though he doesn't drink coffee. Ever.
  4. The man makes a mean Soupe au Pistou. And cooks other things too.
  5. He scratches my back when I ask him to and does an excellent job of following my directional directions. (now lefter, now downer)
  6. He sets the DVR to record shows that I say I want to watch so that I don't have to. As long as they're well reviewed. If not, I'm on my own.
  7. He makes sure the DVR records my shows. Sometimes Time Warner Cable doesn't have new episodes set as new, so my season pass doesn't record them. For important things like Project Runway, he checks in advance to make sure it's going to record. For things that I let pile up, like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, he records a rerun if the DVR missed it.
  8. He's totally not going to mind that I saved this post as a draft and forgot to publish it on our actual anniversary.


  1. So sweet! I love the last one. That's love. :)

  2. Very sweet!

    Happy anniversary!


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