Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Contrary Bitch

As is the way of the freelancer, I spent too much time today procrastinating, playing Scramble on Facebook under the rationale that if there's a 3 minute time limit, it won't suck huge swaths of time, and otherwise trying not to start writing.

I got some work done and then HA came home and then I went so far as to do pilates rather than get back to writing.

After dinner, he scarpered off to his home office to work on a writing project of his own. I watched House. Then he took a break for a while and when he went back to work, I went back to Scramble. Then when I was thisclose to hitting the couch to read some magazines and calling it work, I decided to get back to the piece I'd been working on before.

This time when HA came out to call it a night, I waved him away and grunted in his general direction. Because I wanted to keep writing.

I have no idea how the man puts up with me.

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