Friday, November 14, 2008

Corporate Zombies

I'm not doing the NaNo Blog Every Day Thing since HA and I were filming a music video on November 1 and so I knew that I wasn't going to post that day and would be starting out having failed already.

But I had every intention of start to blog daily, or at least weekdaily, or as close to it as I could manage. And then that didn't happen.

But now I'm on it, and I'm going to try for weekdaily and I fail miserably at that, then thrice-weekly. 

Why all these plans and declarations of same? The same reason why I went several weeks without blogging at all. 

My day job ended. And now I ain't got no job.

It's all good. I'd been saving up so I could freelance full time anyway and this certainly wasn't my first time getting laid off. I'm a dot com refugee, I'll have you know. I think people are weird if they've NEVER been laid off. It was amicable and I was given 2 weeks notice so I could get all my work wrapped up (and go back to working full time for 2 weeks to make a few extra bucks).

The re-entry was more chaotic than expected (as it always is), but although I wasn't able to hit the ground running, I hit the ground, did a shoulder roll, sprang up to my feet and started walking briskly. So that'll have to do.

Anyway, Jonathan Coulton is another techie who left the corporate world to follow his bliss. He writes hilariously awesome songs, many about office life.

This one was featured on the latest episode of the Cast On podcast and has been completely stuck in my head since. 


  1. He is pretty funny, isn't he?

    Have you played Portal?

  2. Sucks getting laid... off, that is. And yes, it took me all day to think of that, so shut up.

    You [and HA, of course] are welcome to come work with me - you're both arty creative types, so I know you'd love crunching numbers all day. I mean, letters and numbers are practically the same think, y'know?


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