Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars

One problem I have with shopping for holiday presents is that I see so much stuff I want for myself. Sometimes, I treat myself, as will be happening this weekend at the BUST Craftacular. Most of the people I buy gifts for don't have a taste of indie crafts, so there's no point in pretending.

But the most tempting items are the ones I can't really afford and would never splurge on, mostly the Cool Thing of the Month Clubs. Except that if HA's film career takes off, we could actually have the money to blow on fun stuff like that, so we started dreaming, just a little.

We reserve all right to expand this list in the future, but right off the tops of our heads, we want:
That's all we discussed. But now that I've discovered AmazingClubs.com, I'm making an executive decision and adding to the list:
If money were no object, what Of The Month Club would you sign up for?

And Karl, I checked. There is no Dr. Demento of the month club. But he is available for personal appearances, so I guess you could just have him come to your house and perform every month.

Oh no, I may have just given HA an idea. The Incredibly Obscure Indiepop Band of the Month Club. The Dream House will have to have a performance space. Anton Fier will be there so often, he'll need his own guest room. The Vulgar Boatmen, The Feelies, Big Star, Richard Thompson--they'd all be a'coming to my house. Well, I guess that's OK. If we're rich enough for all that, we'll be able to hire someone to clean up after it all.


  1. I love how you brainstormed all by yourself :)

    There would have to be a mani/pedi/massage of the month club for all of us that reallllly deserve it. OH, and no short asian guys doing the treatment, we need muscular, tanned, just out of the shower, ala mcsteamyesque, guy doing the deed.

  2. How about big, fat, diamond ring of the month? I could do with that.


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