Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So Many Obnoxious Things I Could Say

Remember that whole 20th High School Reunion thing? The one with the forced donation to the school that was $50-75? That I refused to go to because of the obnoxiousness?

Yeah, so I saw the pictures on Facebook. There was dancing on the bar by one of the organizers (hope those pix really help your career, babe) and it looked like the "lite food" was pretzels on the bar and a cake, though the photos may have just been misleading.

So anyway, this just happened.

That's right, boys and girls, someone in my graduating class was sexually abused by a coach, made the donation to the school so he could attend the reunion, where he found out that the coach still worked there, so he decided to come out about the abuse. I'm curious about who the abuser and victim are, because who wouldn't be, but mostly, I'm just trying to keep my mouth shut.

Because, are the reunion organizers going to see to it that the donation to the school they forced this guy to make is returned to him?

But once the cattiness wears off, all I can say, is Fuck. Just Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I went to a Catholic school that was half black, half white, in the mid 80s, but we had no racial problems. The public school down the road had race riots on the last day of school. I have many complaints about that school and the education I received there, but it wasn't all that bad. No worse than anyone else's high school experience, I thought. We we safe from a lot of the problems that other kids faced. And I thought wrong.

This is why Catholic schools are closing because of low enrollment. Because even their goddamn high schools where there are 2 priests and no nuns couldn't or didn't protect their students from sexual predators.

It makes me proud to be an ex-Catholic. Not a lapsed one. I've been done with those people for years for reasons that have nothing to do with naughty priests. But Fuck the whole bunch of them.

You know, we weren't allowed to wear caps at our graduations. Rumor had it that the year before we started, several grads threw their caps at the Assistant Principal. So they banned graduation caps. And I know that Assistant Principal didn't know what that coach was doing to that kid, but I still feel like he let it happen. He probably feels the same way, though that doesn't really help anybody.

We didn't have health class until senior year. Even while we were there, they realized how stupid that was and changed it to sophomore year. I remember talk about birth control and social diseases, but nothing about bad touching. So even their health classes couldn't have helped this kid say something at the time.

20 fucking years. I wonder how many other kids that coach abused.


  1. I can understand how you feel. My husband uses the term "recovering Catholic"when he talks about his relief at leaving the Catholic church.

    What a terrible thing to have happen to that poor guy. That's an awfully long time to live with that terrible abuse only to find out the guy still had his job. Good luck to him for finally standing up and saying something.



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