Friday, December 12, 2008


I am firmly in the grips of the traditional Christmas knitting and crafting hysteria. I thought I was reasonably on track until I realized that we're leaving for Missouri on the 22nd.  Which means that we're exchanging gifts with my parents here in NYC on the 21st. Oh, and it might be a good idea to get get the presents for my brother and his fiancee in the mail before then. And my parents' Christmas/Hannukah party is the 20th, so that's when I'll be giving gifts to many of the little kids in my family. 

Um, yeah. So that means for me that Christmas is not 2 weeks away. It's only a week and a half away. At least as far as knitting deadlines are concerned.

Well, yes, I could knit some of the presents for the Missouri people on the plane and while we're there. Too bad I finished those first. Like weeks ago. I'm making eleventy million Korknisses for everyone I'm giving gifts too and I could do some of those in transit. But my family is way bigger than HA's, so I still have to get the bulk of them done by the 20th. Which is not enough days away from now. 

I've also already done the traditional culling of the list. Ain't nobody getting any crocheted cheeseburgers [Ravelry link] this year after all. It's also entirely possibly that the pillow I started sewing for my cousin's kid's birthday last Spring will go unfinished. 

We're going to attempt to put together the wedding scrapbooks this weekend, but even I think that that will end in the realization that our parents will be getting them as Valentine's Day gifts. Wedding albums are supposed to be a big deal and not look like something thrown together while in the throes of holiday gift making. And neither one of us has ever scrapbooked. 

Yeah, who am I kidding? I think I just bought myself a bunch more knitting time this weekend. 

So, how are you handling the  gift-making frenzy? Got any scrapbooking advice?

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  1. No scrapbooking advice, I'm afraid. Jan and I didn't do wedding albums for our parents. We just gave them each one framed photo of us from the wedding, and scanned all of our proofs and posted them to our website so they (and other friends/family) could see them and place their own photo orders directly with the photographer. (After two years, the photographer gave us the negatives, so now we anyone who wants prints has to come to us.)

    As for holiday knitting, my solution to this is just not to do it. Well, not to do it much. I figure that since I'm a fairly pokey knitter, if I haven't started holiday knitting by the summer, it's just not going to happen. This year, the only thing I'm going is knitting socks for my parents.

    I love those little cork guys, though! We have a TON of corks stacked up on our kitchen windowsill (Jan uses them for magic tricks), so once I finish the socks (I'm on the last one now!) maybe I will crank out a few of those little guys. Thanks for the link to the pattern!


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