Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back Again

After 4 days with a buggy in my tummy (as HA puts it), I'm hoping to be able to leave the house today. 

I was not completely unproductive during my illness, though. Thanks to the DVR and Netflix Watch It Now, I knocked a few films off my queue. (Instead of retail therapy, I just browse Netflix. My queue is over 150. Just me? OK, then.) I figured since I wasn't feeling well anyway, I included some downers I'd been putting off.

Films and quickie reviews:
In America: I cried at the end. Loved the 1960's metal screen thing in their apartment.
The Year of Living Dangerously: meh. Why is it called that when it seems to take place in about a month? Also? I have got to stop reading the movie descriptions on the DVR, at least with Turner Classic Movies. It was something like "a journalist betrays both his friend and his lover". She doesn't become his lover until an hour into the film and the betrayal paled in comparison to all my wondering when the hell this movie was supposed to take place (1965, according to IMDB) and why Indonesia was such a political hotspot when there was a war in Vietnam (Indonesian Civil War, apparently). Linda Hunt rocked, though.
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser: There's a fine line between impressionistic filmmaking and WTF is going on here filmmaking. This film is on the wrong side of that line. Also? why do I feel the need to make myself read subtitles when sick?
The Rage in Placid Lake: good indie film. 
The Butterfly Effect (Director's Cut): Did not suck. I've heard that this can only be said about the director's cut. It was actually really good. I have no such hopes for the sequel.

I also did some knitting, which I'm totally going to blog about. Right after I get caught up on all the holiday gift knitting and so on. 

I'm starting to feel like posting pictures on Ravelry and on blogs is like the finishing (sewing seams, weaving in ends, etc.)--something to be put off so I can do more fun and lovely knitting.

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  1. Geez, hope you're feeling better. That was some heavy stuff you watched. If I was sick, I'd be watching some mindless romantic comedies.


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