Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gift Knitting


Anna of My Fashionable Life did a post about what happens to our handknits when we're done making them. She talks about how they get worn out, or lost, or stuck in a drawer because the recipient didn't like it.

There's also the people who don't use the handknits because they're "too nice". I have one cousin who actually asked me to knit her second a baby blanket [Ravelry link] of her own and refuses to let the kid touch it because she'll ruin it. I used dishcloth cotton for maximum spit-up-on-ability. But my cousin still insists it's too nice to use. Her oldest isn't allowed access to his blankie (make with superchunky acrylic) because "he'd rip it to shreds".

For this and other reasons, it's clear that this cousin has issues. They say there's one in every bunch, and since there's 17 of us cousins (all first cousins on one side of the family), we probably have more than one. But it still irks.

Another thing that could happen to hand-knit gifts is that you knit like the wind to get everything done in time for a big party where you'll be seeing the recipients. And then they can't make it for totally legitimate and OK reasons. So you hand the gifts to someone who'll pass them on and try not to kick yourself too much for not just giving yourself more time and mailing them in the New Year.

Reportedly, these gifts were a bit hit and my cousin's kids acted out a story with all their little Korknisses [Ravelry link]. So that's good.


Any other ways that your hand knitted gifts are received/treated?


  1. I love those little cork people. Too cute!

    I made a cat hat (self-created pattern) for my sister-in-law. I thought it looked more like a bat, daughter said bull and husband said devil. She loved it anyway and wore it (at least in front of me), so I felt pretty fortunate.

  2. Those are adorable! If I had the kind of kids who didn't turn any toy into a projectile, I'd try my hand at making some.

    Handmade stories: Everyone seems to use the things I knit them, but then I knit mostly for babies and kids.

  3. Peg has this problem all the time. She makes baby blankets for pregnant friends (well, I suppose technically for the parasites within them), and many of them get put in trunks or hung on the walls. I mean, yeah, they are pretty, but they're not Picassos! Use them!!

    P.S. - Jen, make sure you tell her early in the pregnancy! ;o)

  4. I like these little people and their little knitted outfits. :) I am totally bitter about giving away my handmade stuff - some people really appreciate it and some are ungrateful jerks. I have a mental list of who "will appreciate handmade" and who won't. Like I said - bitter.


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