Monday, March 30, 2009

Close Encounters of the Knitterly Kind

This past Saturday, Annie & Co. Needlepoint & Knitting played host to the man, the myth, the legend, Franklin Habit. I was a complete dork about the entire thing, since I'd met Franklin over the phone, but never in person. But we had a lovely chat and I got my book signed and a lovely photo, compliments of Wendy, but you knew about the photo part since I put it all the way on the top there. I don't photograph well, and of course, a smitch of makeup might have helped, but I've made my peace with it. (That is, until the glorious day when I need to have an author photo taken, in which case, I'll be bringing a makeup artist and making them take so many shots that there will have to be one decent photo in the bunch.)

Along with reading, and signing, Franklin brought along the world's smallest trunk show: his 1840 Nightcap, which I totally got to try on and looked adorable in. I say this not to be vain, but in total surprise that I would look good in a nightcap, or any close fitting cap. I added it to my Ravelry queue as soon as I got home. I have an unusually large cabeza for a female, so I guess it makes sense that I would look good in a men's hat. I guess I'll be making all my hats following men's sizing from now on.

I have many FOs and 2 broken DPNs that I have attempted to fix with superglue drying on the desk right at this moment, oh, and another reunion story, but that whole novel thing is beckoning.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sheep Art

Still working away on the novel. I'm starting to see why people go away on writer's retreats. Isolation, which for me means working at home and neglecting the blogs, not signing onto any Instant Messengers and stopping every now and then and wondering exactly how long it;s been since I've spoken to this or that friend, really does help me get into the right headspace. With any luck, my friends will still remember what I look like by the time I'm done.

In the meantime, by way of Rabbitch, I give you sheep art.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Reality Goodness

Reality TV, I mean. My actual reality has me at Day 12 of a cold (aren't those things supposed to be 7-10 days? Bastards.) I haven't even been able to work on the novel. I've just been at one with the couch. One day, I wasn't even up to watching things I hadn't seen before (as is my wont, so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something), so I had an 80s teen movie marathon. Sixteen Candles, followed by Pretty in Pink and Say Anything. 

The mean girl in Pretty in Pink who picks on Molly Ringwald? Totally grew up to be the 5th final cylon

OK, so on the finale of True Beauty, the winner was the one person who had passed all their hidden camera challenges. And hooray for her. But the editing and scripted "deliberation" by the judges made me doubt for a minute who they were going to pick, so it was actually a little dramatic. And THAT my friends, is what writers of reality shows do. These shows aren't unscripted, so much as they are scripted after they're filmed.

And now for my next guilty pleasure. Tonight, the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice is premiering. I watched all but one of the non-celeb season because after working in an office for over a decade, I really enjoyed seeing Aspiring Corporate Weasels (tm Television Without Pity) jump through hoops, make asses of themselves and then actually get kicked out for sucking. (In actual reality, of course they get promoted for sucking.)

The first celeb season was all, Damn, Gene Simmons is crazy and Whoa, Piers Morgan is making Omarosa look like the bigger person and who the hell is he, anyway. (Piers is one of the judges of America's Got Talent and is allegedly famous in the UK. He kept complaining that Assarama (also tm TWoP) wasn't famous enough to be on the show. It came out during the show's run that his hostility was because she had approached him, suggesting they engage in a "showmance" to get more screen time and he was repulsed and disgusted by this. To which I say, dude, grow the fuck up. The woman has said ON CAMERA that she has no career outside of reality shows. She does stuff to get more screen time, so she'll be invited to do other shows. And also give her current show something to put on air. (Let us not forget Real World season 2, where the housemates barely hung out with each other. They dragged one incident to 3 episodes and then jumped a month because NOTHING interesting had happened. For season 3, they cast a villain so they could get material. I'll take Omarosa's stunts over Puck's snot any day.) Oh, and Piers? Janice Dickinson made Omarosa look like the better person on The Surreal Life long before you ever met her, so shut up and stop making me take that crazy bitch's side.)

Yes, I'm still pissed Piers won. Why do you ask?

So anyway, this season has Dennis Rodman and Joan AND Melissa Rivers. Plus figure skating superstar Scott Hamilton. Hilarity will ensue.

I'll be the one on the edge of my seat.