Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheering Up Time

OK, so we're in day 2 of 3 days of rain in NYC. I started yesterday cheerfully enough, with the Land of the Lost theme song stuck in my head. (I haven't looked forward to a movie this much since Snakes on a Plane. (Note: If you clink that movie link, noise will happen.)

And then I found out that I have a buddy with a brain tumor. And you've probably read in a dozen places about the very sad death in a family over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. And I just checked Facebook and found out that one of my former work-friends (who was promoted to real-life friend when we stopped working together and has become someone who I keep up with via FB, along with almost everyone else I know now that I'm finishing writing the novel/hiding up my own ass) just lost one of her cats.

Now, a dead cat pales in comparison to the first 2 things, especially to non-pet person such as myself, but jeebus christ people! I'm getting flashbacks to that evening in my early 20s, when I sat down to call several friends to catch up and 3 of the people I called had deaths in the family within the past few days. 

Me: God, I feel like the angel of death tonight.
Friend #3: Um, actually? My uncle just died.


So, if you, like me, could use a little merriment, may I suggest you go to You Tube and sing along to the Land of the Lost theme song (embedding disabled by request of people who think that videos need to stay out of bed), or listen to one of my other Saturday morning favorites from the 70s: the Singing Pills Who Are Not Candy. 


  1. And here's one of my favorite shows -- The Red Hand Gang!!!


  2. This takes me back to the toy "medical kit" I had as a kid, complete with a pill bottle full of -- yep -- candy.


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