Friday, May 29, 2009

Sofa Flotsam

I finally got a chance to clean in and around the couch. Since my coffee table is a bit too big for our living room (it was purchased 3 apartments ago), it's all too easy to not get around to vacuuming, looking under the cushions, etc.

Since this is where I do most of my knitting, I found more than the usual change and crumbs.

To wit:
3 stitch markers
2 dpns: 1 bamboo, 1 plastic
1 row counter like this one. It's the only one I own and every yarn store I've been too since the damn thing rolled under the couch has been sold out, so rescuing it was my real motivation in cleaning the sofa.
2 quarters that will go towards feeding the sheep at the petting zoo in Central Park. (why, why don't those little food pellet machines take dollars? or credit cards?)

Not too bad, actually.

What do you usually find in your couch cushions?


  1. Our couch cushions usually contain crumbs (a mystery, since we have an official "no eating in those rooms" policy) and cat hair. I haven't been as lucky as you. Fifty whole cents! Whoooo!

  2. That's a pretty good haul. I usually find things like cookie crumbs, pens and puzzle pieces.

    My 5-year old recently found a library CD we paid for last year because we couldn't find it. How we missed it in the sofa for all that time is beyond me.


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