Friday, June 5, 2009


A year ago, someone in my writing group asked, "Don't you think it's a little crazy that we're trying to break into this field just as it's falling apart?" Having lived through the dot com years, I shrugged it off, since, well is still here and there are plenty of web jobs still around.

But even though the guy who asked that question has been getting more work in print media than the rest of my writing group combined, we do have this game-changing things are going to hell period in newspapers and magazines. Essentially, that whole ignoring ads thing that we all do has finally caught up with the people who need to find the money to produce stuff we want to read, and is therefore catching up to those of us who want to read stuff. 

Via Prairie Tales, CraftyPod has an interesting post about the situation, prompted by changes at the craft sire CraftyStylish. If you're interested in the subject, and since you're reading stuff online, you should be.

CraftyPod also links to a discussion of the situation in comic form, which is not to be missed.

The whole the consumer pays for stuff that's delivered directly via the web? Software developers have been doing that for years. Back in the day, when we delivered a release, someone burned a bunch of CDs (and before that floppy disks), and FedExed them overnight to the client. It seems to quaint now. Nowadays, we just move the software to the production server and voila. The clients have to log into the access the software, and we can shut off their access if they don't pay. Or you buy a download of software, such as a VirusScan.

Even with all the Freeware bouncing around out there, people still pay for software even when they don't get a disk.

Things will change, and it'll all get figured out. Print Media isn't going to disappear. Although the paper might, in many cases. 

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