Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exciting New Recycling Opportunity

Yes, I get excited by ways to reduce my trash output. Stop judging me. Or, go right ahead and judge me. Who am I to rain on your parade?

From Anji Gallanos, I found out that Aveda stores and salons collect bottle caps to be recycled into new bottle caps. Which, y'know, beats that whole tossing them in the trash so they can be transported to a landfill.

His Awesomeness and I aren't soda drinkers, but learned how many caps can be collected by one couple when we asked my parents to save us all their caps so I could incorporate them into the set of a low-budget sci-fi film HA was planning on making. It was going to be a tribute to/ripoff of the set of MST3K. (Note how they glued stuff to the wall and then painted over it to make it look like all that stuff was important science stuff that was keeping the Space Station of Love running.

Anyway, my folks saved us dozens of caps that were destined for the trash heap. (And then HA started working on a different project with an actual budget, so I won't be building a space station set after all, so I could totally take those caps to Aveda now. Except that I think I threw them all out a few weeks ago after cleaning the basket where I had tossed them along with a bunch of knitting stuff, so that gives us further proof that cleaning is bad and we should spend our time doing things that are way more fun. Unless you're into that sort of thing, I guess.

But! Aveda also collects caps from ketchup bottles and mayo jars and other things, so us non soda-drinkers will be hoarding our caps from now on. I'm near an Aveda store/salon once a week, but I'd feel stupid going in with just one or two caps, so I think I'll fill a bag before stopping by. Maybe a small bag. I'm afraid I'll walk in to find out that they're the only location in North America that isn't participating and it would be way less embarrassing with a small bag than a big one.

Yes, my mind works in odd and disturbing ways.

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