Friday, August 14, 2009

I Take It Back

Once upon a time, I complained that weather forecasts had nothing to do with me because I'd be entombed in an overly air conditioned office all day.

Now I'm self employed and my home office does not and can not have a air conditioner. I could relocate to my husband's office, or the bedroom, but then I'd be sitting with no back support and messing up my neck. (I write my fiction by hand and type it up, so it's not just a matter of grabbing the laptop and taking it to an air conditioned cafe. Plus, you have to buy stuff at a cafe to get them to let you stay there and I'm trying to avoid that because of the no income thing.)

So I end up sitting at my writing desk with my feet in a basin of water with a cold pack (the lunchbox kind) tossed in, with the fan blowing around my papers, wishing that I was trapped in air conditioned comfort.

Once upon another time, I was working full time and trying to get the novel done, cook all my meals (including lunches taken to work in a thermos, because I worked in the one company in the US that didn't have fridges and microwaves), spending many hours a week at the gym and trying to keep the apartment clean enough that no one called the health department (which included washing all the pots, pans and individual size tupperware involved in all that cooking).

During that time, my migraines happened maybe once a month and never lasted more than a day (unlike the weekly, multi-day extravanagzas I'm treated to now). They knocked me on my ass, but weren't so bad that I actually bothered seeing a doctor about them. (It took a 4 day headache last year for me to finally do some online research and get some help.) If one hit while I was at work, I'd take some medicine and zone out at my desk as much as possible, doing that whole presenteeism thing. If I woke up in pain, then I'd call in sick, take Advil and hit the couch and commune with my DVD collection.

On one of those sick days, I actually thought to myself that it was good that I get these headaches because without them, I'd never get any rest.

Now that (1) I'm no longer getting paid for just sitting at a desk and (2) these motherfuckers are lasting several days and (3) hurting so much worse than they ever did before, I promise to find other ways to relax if the universe decides to stop smiting me with migraines. Do we have a deal, O Mighty and Powerful Headache Gods?


  1. You could go to your local Barnes & Noble. They have comfy chairs as well as the cafe. You don't have to buy anything at the store. Plus, being around all the great works of literature might inspire you!

  2. You might also try the public library. I work at home and though I have air conditioning, I have a never ending stream of people who need to ask me questions, like, "Where is the squeegee?" "I need the squeegee right now. I mean RIGHT NOW."

  3. Re the headaches: While I usually eschew Big Pharma, in this case I must recommend the med that changed my life: Maxalt. Or Imitrex. Either one will stop your migraine in its tracks. Et voila!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry about the pain. If you must stay at home in your office, try putting a damp washcloth around your neck or on top of your head. I think it helps dissipate the heat.

    Hope you have more good days than bad. xoxo


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