Monday, September 14, 2009


After 22 months of marriage, I have started the wedding scrapbook. Please keep an eye out for other signs that hell is freezing over.

Yesterday we went to a family party at my cousin P's house in New Jersey. I will never cease to be impressed with this house. This place has bathrooms that are larger than my home office and has something like 8 bedrooms.

Now, they're not palatially rich robber barons, and they didn't set out to live in a small hotel. They decided to move to that school district for their 3 daughters and nothing less ginormous was available.

And lucky for us because it's the first house we've been able to fit large chunks of our extended family into while still being able to move around. My Mom's the oldest of 6 kids and I'm the 5th oldest of 17 first cousins. So far, those cousins have spawned approximately 14 kids of their own. (I'm not going to swear to that number because I got all deer in headlights once I counted to 10, so I may have missed someone.)

So yeah, we can fill a room. This is the first house where we can all get up and mingle instead of staying seated because getting up would require asking 3 people to move.

OK, that all wasn't even the point and I'm especially prone to digressions before I've finished my morning caffeine, but hopefully it was entertaining, so rather than deleting, let's just bring this around to where I was going in the first place.

So all those bedrooms? Are mostly bedrooms. There are playrooms and a workout room and so on, but some of the rooms are guest rooms, which makes sense.

But when they bought the house, I started imagining all sorts of crazy uses for the extra bedrooms. Such as a room full of plastic balls.

So HA & I started discussing what rooms we'll have in our dream house. Sewing/craft room, of course. And we'll each still have our home offices. Plus a library. Yoga room. Music room for a grand piano and HA's accordion. The Mod room where we'll have a bar and swanky furniture (think the Mad Men aesthetic).

What rooms will be in your dream house?


  1. Well out house is not huge but it does have technically 5 bedrooms. My wife and I are in one room. My son has the second. We actually have a guest room that is for guests not a son grandma is coming over shift your gear to the basement etc. One room will be a mixed use room. It will be a craft room with a daybed. Will will be tiling the floor and the puppy will be kept there once it is born and we get it home for training. The last bedroom is on the ground floor and quite frankly is huge and we do not have a dining room so we are converting it to that.

  2. If you have enough space for a room full of plastic balls, then you have arrived.

  3. You've got to have the grand foyer and the sun nook, and of course the pink bedroom where the future daughter or gay son will live... oh, wait, that was the nutty chick from "Glee" 's dream house...

    @craige: +1. Do you read xkcd?

  4. I would love to have a huge craft room that we all share: my yarn and sewing machine, Jan's origami books and papers, Sylvia's crayons and markers and glue sticks. It would be fun to have a space that could accommodate all of us at the same time!

    A yoga room would also be great--someplace clean and tidy and empty, with lots of windows.

    I also wouldn't mind a music room. We have collected lots of instruments over the years, and most of them are of the hard-to-display stringed variety, so they usually just sit in their cases.


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