Monday, September 21, 2009

Spooky Real Estate

So the NY Times had an article about a couple who are living in what used to be a funeral parlor. And what do they use the former embalming room as? Their bedroom.

Let me know when you're done shuddering.

Now, it stopped being a funeral home 20 years before they moved in, and they did have the good sense to cleanse the place by burning sage, but o dear god in heaven.

It's in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where I used to live and I walked past the building several times, but I thought it was a church. (Watch the audio slide show and you'll see the front and think it's a church too.)

Now, New York real estate being what it is, I can understand that people would live there. And the rooms are huge and gorgeous. But, ew.

Do you know of any creepy domiciles that top that?


  1. Wayyyyyy before I was born, my family owned a funeral home. My mother used to lie awake at night thinking about the dead people DOWNSTAIRS!! Yes, they lived there WHILE it was a funeral home. Doesn't get much creepier....I could never do it.

  2. Holy crap, I live around the corner from that building. Funeral home or not, I am dying for a larger space and it wouldn't bother me.

  3. My brother used to live in a house that not only was an old mortuary but was formerly the home to an old medium. Like a psychic? WILD. Totally haunted.


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