Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank God I Didn't Hallucinate the Whole Thing

You know what it's like when there's a TV show or movie from your childhood that you vaguely remember, but no one else does, so you're not sure if it was real?

Well, peeps, I give you Outerscope. (The video quality improves vastly after the first 5 seconds.)

Dig that spaceship made out of junk. I barely remember the creepy puppets, but that spaceship stayed with me. I suppose watching that junk spaceship led to the whole re-using stuff, making photo albums out of birth control pill containers thing I've got going. Somewhere in my brain, is the conviction that you can make a spaceworthy craft from some wood and an old bicycle wheel, so obviously, you can make other stuff out of whatever crap you find in a vacant lot.

Apparently, other people found this show to be completely traumatic. Maybe I didn't worry about the little children wandering the galaxy, trying against hope to get home because they were just puppets. Or maybe I didn't start watching until the second season where they had gotten back to Earth and had terrestrial adventures.

Other shows that hardly anyone but me remembers include Nestor, the Long Eared Christmas Donkey and Halloween is Grinch Night.

What obscure shows do you remember?


  1. For me it was "Dark Crystal".

    I thought I was crazy...then I rediscovered the movie...and now we own it on DVD.

  2. Jen, I actually do remember this, but I must have been young enough to not know the title.
    The one show I can think of that no one else knows was "Goldie Gold" which was part of the Richie Rich hour. There's maybe one intro clip on you tube and that's it....


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