Friday, October 9, 2009

I Suffered a Knee Injury While Making Grape Tarts

If you haven't met me and seen the clumsiness in person, this may surprise you. But par for the course, really. I once threw my neck out carrying home a very large cantaloupe. I had a bad neck previous to this, but the cantaloupe required 4 visits to the chiropractor that week. Most expensive melon ever.

So Fall is here and I got a hankering for Cooking Light's Rustic Grape Tart. The recipe calls for 5 cups of grapes, so I bought lots to make sure I had enough. It turned out that I had enough for 2 tarts and so I went for it, because, you know, twice the food for slightly more effort.

So I prepared the crust and put it in the fridge to chill. I prepared the grape filling. I took out the first batch of dough and rolled it out and balanced the rolling pin on top of a mixing bowl while I finished assembling tart numero one. Like this:

No, I couldn't have just rested it on the counter. Do you have any idea how dirty my counters are? I'm a lousy housekeeper. It's the little things like not resting a rolling pin I want to use again on a dirty counter that keep me from being a disgusting housekeeper.

Second tart. I take the second dough out of the fridge, roll it out and balance the rolling pin on the bowl again even though I'm done with it.

And then this happened.

It smacked me in the right knee. It hurt. A lot. I doubled over in pain and made lots of ow noises. And then, miraculously, it stopped hurting and I finished making the tarts. And then laid on the couch icing my knee.

This was last Sunday and I seem to be suffering no worse effects than a bruise that I keep bumping into things, as is my wont. This is actually a major step ahead for me. Ordinarily, I'd be limping to the orthopedist to find out what the hell I did this time.

What's the stupidest injury you've ever received?


  1. I broke a toe while running for the phone because I wanted to be the right number caller in a radio contest. I tripped over the corner of the brick hearth. Of course, I didn't win. It's hard to make a call when you're writhing on the floor in pain.

    Hope your knee feels better soon.

  2. Well I have hurt myself stupidly in a myriad of ways. Amongst which include walking on my ship in the navy in the direction of the roll not realizing that the deck was A. Wet and B. Soapy where I had planned to stop and "ran" straight into metal bench with a sharp corner. The scar still is facing inward more then 10 years later. I will add more if I think of some good ones.

  3. Carrying a still steaming-hot iron to the kitchen while naked (I was ironing what I was going to wear) and swiping it alongside my thigh. Burned it GOOD!

  4. I broke a toe making a sandwich. What's more, the sandwich wasn't for me.

  5. Wow, Jen, from those sketches, it looks like you've lost some weight. You need to eat more grape tarts! :oP


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