Friday, October 23, 2009

My Ears! My Ears!

I don't think I'd ever be able to name a specific song my favorite, since my favorite changes all the time.

But I do know my least favorite song of all time. And it is Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. What did this song ever do to make me hate it so?

Well, you see, I'm from Brooklyn. And not the cool, hipster part of Brooklyn. The lame part where party DJs insist on/are forced to play what I call drill team songs almost exclusively. Drill team songs are the ones, like the Macarena, where no one is allowed to just dance to the music, but instead must perform the same exact motions as everyone else. It's lame and I just can't do it. I've done the Electric Slide exactly once in my life and that was because I was having a lame evening and figured what the hell. I've done the Chicken Dance twice--once because a friend (the sister of commenter Karl) pulled me up (at Karl's wedding) and the other to teach my niece how to dance along with her Chicken Dance Elmo doll.

Now, although Sweet Caroline was not written to be a drill team song, someone decreed that when this song is played anywhere near where I grew up, everyone on the dance floor must stand in a circle, holding hands and swaying, pumping their fists to the bum-bum-bah parts and and shouting "So good! So good! So good!" whenever Neil Diamond sings the word, "good."

I twitch when I hear that song. I have to leave the room when I hear that song. It's a terrible, painful thing for me.

You can imagine my horror when I recognized the opening notes on this week's Glee! But I love that show (and it you don't like it (as HA does not), then you're a soulless husk (like HA is)), so I stayed put. And although they performed my most hated song ever, do you know what they didn't do?

That's right. They did not sway, pump their fists or chant "so good!"

And it was good.

What song gives you the horrors?


  1. Who let the dogs out? Shudder.

  2. So I have to agree, Glee is one of the best, feel good programs on TV. (to sound like a reviewer).

    I also have an intense hatred for Sweet Caroline. Like you I'm not a big fan of "audience participation" songs. Now that S.C. is now a part of Boston Red Sox culture the song is like nails on a chalkboard. What does a love song have to do with baseball anyway?

  3. I've got some great recent memories for Diamond's Sweet Caroline. I'd have to pick "America" as most annoying by him only because I had to listen to it for 2nd grade and the "today!" chants did my head in.

  4. Anything that's likely to show up at a wedding reception, so that includes, but is not limited to, "Sweet Caroline", "Brown-Eyed Girl" or (*shudder*) "Butterfly Kisses."

  5. Whoops! That anonymous comment was from me!

  6. Apparently not a Red Sox fan :P

  7. In addition to all of the wedding classics ("Shout" or the "Macarena" anyone?), I have to give a shout-out to "You Light Up My Life" and "We Built This City."

    Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" was actually OK the first thousand or so times I heard it in that week it came out, but being overplayed can land a song in this category, in my opinion.


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