Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Om, You Jerkwads

This started as a comment on a post on Knit and Tonic about people who suck stressing out other people in yoga class. But I did yoga in the gym for many years and therefore have many gripes, so it was getting long. Plus, if I complain, then you can complain too, so that's nice.

I love yoga, but hate so much about the classes. I used to rush to get there early enough to get a spot far away from the door so no latecomers would crowd around me. (And believe me, it would get pretty cramped around the door.) But then I'd notice people coming in late, looking around for a spot and not seeing the ton of space on the far side of the room (sometimes there's be 3 of us in a space big enough for 5), so I'd try to wave them over (if they'd come in quietly).

Now, this was at a gym, so we'd be in a studio right next to the free weights. We'd be in corpse pose and someone outside the room would drop heavy weights onto the floor, startling all of us and tensing up my neck. And no one ever said anything to the weightlifters. Hate!

And I just stopped going in Januarys, because all the new members who had joined for their new year's resolutions would come into the room and overlap their mat onto other people's mats.

I also stopped going to the class taught by the most popular teacher because he wouldn't enforce the 15 person maximum. The room, it was small. We once had 19 or 20 people in there and it got so hot just from all the people in there not even doing yoga yet, that I felt faint and had to leave. After showing up 30 minutes early to make sure I could get in and get a good spot.

Gah! Just thinking about this has me so stressed that I need to do some yoga to unwind.

OK, your turn. What drives you crazy about your favorite allegedly relaxing activity?

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  1. Heh. I like the line. 'om, jerkwad.' Pretty much.

    One studio I go to is L-shaped. The territorial implications shift each class. One class, the same bend of the room fits three or four people, some one chill customer take the space alone, oblivious to whatever crowding is piling up in the rest of the room. This can be really annoying.

    But that's terrible, you getting squeezed out of the room when you were there first.

    Hmmmp. I do remember once, triumphantly arriving early, politely moving over a bit for a newcomer, then another, then winding up kind of wedged in a bad space, while the last arrival wound up in well, where I started. ARRRGH!


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