Friday, November 6, 2009

Stupidest Ghost Story Ever

Told to me at girl scout camp, rendered here in list form because I can't possibly be arsed to add in all the bits that make it spooky, because it's just that bad.

  1. Kid's mom sends him to the store to buy bologna for dinner.
  2. Kid fucks around and by the time he makes it to the store, it's closed.
  3. Kid's solution to this problem is to go out back behind the store and cut off his left buttcheek, to give to his mom, telling her it's bologna. (This seems like the point where I may have said something about how this made no sense and was told to shut up.)
  4. Kid's mom believes this and serves up ass cheek sandwiches. Kid pretends not to be hungry so that he doesn't eat his own butt cheek.
  5. The next night. Repeat steps 1-4, only it's the right butt cheek this time.
  6. Accidental cannibalism turns the rest of the family into zombies and they attack the kid or something. I dunno.
What's the stupidest ghost story you've ever heard? Besides the one I just told, of course.

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  1. I had never heard that one before. Buttcheeks AND zombies? Not bad!


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