Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Jollies

From the cover of a Figis catalog (they sell sausage and cheese assortments, that sort of thing), I give you Cheese! Sledding! Doesn't that cheese look like it's having fun.

If you watch Big Love, you'll get a kick from "A Juniper Creek Christmas". Songs include "We Three Wives," "Deck the Compound" and "Silent Wife". You can download them by following that link. If you don't watch Big Love, don't bother. You'd probably find the songs more disturbing than funny. Hell, I find them a little disturbing and I watch the show.

Even if you don't watch Lost, Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley has a very entertaining blog. This month, he's been posting an advent calendar of things his dog likes to chew. It has truly been the highlight of my daily blog reading.

Later today, I will be baking fruitcakes. Therefore, I said to my friend O, "It's fruitcake day." His response: It's a day dedicated to YOU?!?!?! Sometimes the obvious jokes are the best ones. I laughed harder at that than even when I saw the cheese sledding.

Finally, via Manolo for the Big Girl, a video of Robert Earl Keen singing "Merry Christmas from the Family". I'd only ever heard Jill Sobule's cover version. Either way, good stuff. One of my favorite holiday songs.

Whatever you're celebrating this month, enjoy it!

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