Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Star Wars Awesomeness

Are you unfortunate enough to remember The Star Wars Holiday Special? It was shown only once and if George Lucas could, he'd destroy every copy of it so we could pretend it never happened.

It's bad. Very bad. Not even in a good way.

Well, this guy threw a holiday party inspired by Life Day--the Wookie holiday that Chewbacca was going home to celebrate. He even figured out that the true meaning of Life Day was to make the rest of your life seem so much better in comparison.

If you find yourself with too much will to live, go ahead and watch it for yourself. At least check out Bea Arthur's song. That rocked a little.

Star Wars weather. Tell it where you are, it checks Yahoo weather and then tell you what Star Wars planet it's like out there. Be sure to enter a typo/nonexistent city and see what happens.

Thanks to Karl for this one.


This one has been making the rounds for a while and I was reluctant to watch it because of the length, but it's pretty funny. It also includes a lot of completely unfunny nonjokes in which the narrator reveals himself to be a serial rapist and killer. So you've been warned, but aside from having serious issues that make him think that shit is funny and somehow relevant, this guy is spot on about why The Phantom Menace sucked so hard.

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