Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There are two things I need to do to make it seem like the Holiday Season. For me, the holiday is Christmukkah, but as an ex-Catholic, the season is more about Charles Dickens for me than Jesus or Santa. All that peace on earth, good will towards men, let's be excellent to each other? That's what I call the secular/Charles Dickens aspect of Christmas. Christians often celebrate both the religious and secular aspects without realizing it, while anyone who does the tree and presents without going to church is doing the Charles Dickens/Santa thing.

To quote the great Willow Rosenberg, not everyone worships Santa. But Charlie D lets you have Christmas without him.

Thing #1 that I have to do to feel like it's Christmas is read A Midnight Carol by Patricia K Davis who seems to have written just this one book and no others. It's a fictionalized telling of how Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. Some of the drama in the book is factual (check the wiki) and the rest isn't and who cares where the line is? It's a good story and makes you appreciate all the decoration overkill most of us are subjected to. Would you prefer living in a gray, bleak London with no Christmas decorations because no one really celebrates the holiday? Think about it--winter, but never Christmas.

Anyway, I just love those behind the scenes/the real story novels. This is a quick read and warms my cockles every time.

Thing #2 is listen to Patrick Stewart perform A Christmas Carol. (It looks like the CD version is going for a small fortune, but the audio tapes are cheap.) I saw him perform his one man show of A Christmas Carol on Broadway and it was spectacular. When I was single and decorating a tree by myself, I'd listen to this while I was at it. Now that HA and I do the tree together (or not at all when we're spending the holiday in the Midwest), I listen to Patrick Stewart at other times. I think last year it was during the Christmas knitting. Maybe this year, it'll be while I make gifts that are not knitted. (I'll be doing little to no Christmas gift knitting this year. You heard it here first. But there will be some handmade stuff that will go more quickly.)

What little things do you need to get in the holiday spirit?

Don't forget the contest I'm running until December 9. Leave a comment, possibly mentioning what ads came with this post, and you get an entry to win a box of stuff. The contents of the box will be determined by the winner, but I can promise that there will be cookies.


  1. I love A Christmas Carol as read by Patrick Stewart!!!! I also have a copy on CD. I usually to get in the Christmas mood set up the manger and hang the lights on the outside of the house. With Hot Chocolate (not mix) for after! Lots of Christmas Music as well but nothing after the 80's most new stuff is dreck! With regard to Christmas Carol you have an ad for A Christmas Carol video games of all things.

  2. The ads are all about Christmas presents!

    Do you know when the Bust crafty thing is this year? I assume you will be going, barring sickness etc., right? Let me know!

  3. Two ads for Disney's new version of "A Christmas Carol" today.

    Patrick Stewart is one of those people I'd pay to read the phone book out loud. (Another is James Earl Jones.) I was lucky enough to see him in The Ride Down Mount Morgan five years ago (at the Shurbert, I think?). At one point he just had on tighty-whities. When I told this story to my friend who has a massive crush on him, she nearly passed out. Heh.


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