Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unblinded by Science

I love the week between Christmas and New Years. It's so peaceful and still. I'm finished making Christmas gifts and nobody really expects anything to get accomplished until the first week of January (unless you have year-end reports to do, in which case, you're insanely busy and hate this time of year).

Working in an office, I'd hear people complain about having to work this week. But I loved it. There was work to be done, but no deadline and no senior management getting in the way of getting things done (because they're all on vacation).

Plus, the workload is light and the lack of bosses means that you can take breaks and recharge instead of trying to look busy. To that end, I give you...

Science of Scams

Go check it out when you have the time to watch all of the videos. At least check out the first 2. The first will teach you a cool party trick and the second shows how you can fake a ghost appearance (while making you less scared of any ghost sightings you see on TV).

They created 7 hoax videos, put them on You Tube and then debunked them.


  1. I know what you mean about the stillness at work. Mind you you know how slow we are normally but at this time of year there are no students, few faculty and even less then usual packages as everyone else is not at work either. Slow and peaceful here listening to the Smiths.... ah after Christmas peacefulness.

  2. I never wasted Christmas time taking vacation when I was working. There was almost nobody at work (I worked for a large manufacturing company), so I could come in late, take a long lunch, leave early, and still get more work done than usual because NOBODY WAS BUGGING ME.

    I saved my vacation for busy times. Yes, evil. So sue me.


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