Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Have a Winner!

I wrote down the name of each commenter on a slip of paper once for each comment they've left on the blog during the contest period. Folded them up, pulled one out of a box and unsurprisingly, the person who left the most comments won. They left almost half the comments that were made in that time period, so the odds were with them. You gotta be in it to win it, baby.

So, congratulations Marsha! E-mail me your address and I'll get a box of goodies out to you next week. If I really get organized, I'll photograph and post all the stuff before I send it out.

I feel like I should write something more pithy, but I'm a little spaced out on Oops! fumes. Oops! is this spray stuff that you spray on things to get stuff off of them. Like if you need to remove the price tag from a plastic thing. You spray Oops! on the tag and it and the adhesive holding on come right off. The reason for the Oops! fumes is that I have made Seek and Find bottles for the NINE children in my extended family that I give holiday gifts to. I used a tutorial from Melissa Rambles On, and even used some objects that she sent me after she posted the tutorial. I used an assortment of bottles, including a bug oregano bottle with a big label stuck to it and the same big Aquafina bottles that Melissa used. I tried to avoid buying bottled water, but almost every other plastic bottle out there now has a textured surface with lots of indentations, which would make it impossible to see what was inside the bottle. You wouldn't think so, but grope a few bottles the next time you're in the supermarket and you'll see. I think all the indentations allows them to make the bottles using less plastic or something. I'm all in favor or using less materials, but I was freaking out over the possibility of not being able to find the bottles in time (I'm giving most of these gifts at my parents' Christmas/Hannukah party this Saturday). I came thisclose to buying 5 bottles of oregano and pouring all the oregano into a plastic baggie. But then it would look like a massive amount of pot and I am not going to be dealing with that.

So anyway, between the oregano bottle and the glue left on the water bottles after I pulled off the labels, and the complete lack of ventilation because my kitchen has one wee window over the sink that I can't reach easily, whoa. I've opened some windows to air the place out and will not make that mistake again.


  1. I thinks I might make some for the adults in my life.

  2. I can't believe I posted so much here. I guess I was really hopeful about seeing an ad for cat orthodontics. Which, my friend, you have FAILED TO DELIVER. AHEM!

    Those bottles look like great fun. What sorts of things are you putting in yours?


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