Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Stuff

I'm moving at the end of the month, which means that between packing and finding a new place, I'll be busy, harried and crazed. Posting will be affected accordingly.

In addition to here and Work Her Way I'm now blogging for Skirt! My first post is here and you can access all my future posts there via my profile.

Things I have managed to get rid of in anticipation of the move:
  1. Several dozen large yogurt containers. Stonyfield Farm used to take them back to sell or give to Preserve to be turned into toothbrush handles. So I saved up a whole big box to mail. Now that Preserve is collecting them directly, Stonyfield Farm doesn't take them anymore. I could've mailed them to Preserve, but they have a collection point at Whole Foods, so I was able to drop them off on my way to a Doctor Who event last night.
  2. 3 old pairs of sneakers. Someone on Freecycle is collecting them to send to his country, where sneaker quality is less important than here.
  3. My old blueberry iMac. My mom will use it at school in place of her old one which runs OS 9. I hadn't recycled it because it's cute and yummy and will be a collector's item someday. But we're not going to pay extra rent for a place big enough for me to store an old cute computer. Buh-bye, Blue.
  4. Two (recycling) garbage bags of papers. I've been keeping my writings since high school. I'll be scanning in a copy of each story, but I no longer need handwritten manuscripts, comments on my grad school novella by my workshop classmates, or form rejection letters from literary magazines. I'm torn between a) publishing some of my old stories here in a Cringe-worthy Wednesdays feature and b) keeping my dignity. B is winning, but I will tell you that the stuff I wrote in high school is much less embarrassing than what I wrote post-grad school. It's not that what I was writing was pretentious. It's that I thought everything I produced was BRILLIANT LITERATURE (hence the saving of illegible handwritten manuscripts for POSTERITY. I think that the whole trying to be literary instead of commercial/funny is what stalled my writing career in the first place. More on that subject someday maybe.
So what's new with you guys?


  1. Congratulations on the new writing gig!

    (And good luck with the move! Do you have friends to help you, or will you hiring a Man With A Van?)

  2. Have you guys found a place yet?
    New blog was fun just finished reading it.
    Keep the dignity.. keep old stuff for when you've published so much no one care what you wrote.

  3. OK, I recycle mostly because I am married to a Liberal but also because My People Do Not Waste. But I think even my husband would draw the line at paying to mail yogurt containers to be converted into toothbrush handles, bless your heart. :)


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