Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't do New Year's resolutions because I can't possibly be expected to turn over a new leaf while still recovering from the holidays. Instead, I'll make resolutions throughout the year as needed and possible, such as deciding to do a little yoga daily.

Since we're moving at the end of the month, we have new apartment resolutions. They all revolve around having a cleaner apartment. When this plan fails, we can always just shove stuff into boxes and put them in the huge, walk-in closets so we can create the illusion of clean.

Last year, there was a group online who resolved to read a book a week. I didn't play along, since it would keep me from reading longer books that I couldn't read in one week. I decided to keep track of the books I read instead. I won't bore you with the entire list, but I still managed to read or listen to 45 books in 2009. Six of them were much longer than the others. I'm talking 900 pagers. I'm going to continue keeping track of the books I've read. I've enjoyed looking over the list and remembering the books.

I do have 2 knitting resolutions.
  1. I'm want to knit up my stash until I can declare stash bankruptcy*. My yarn stash is boxes of stuff I bought when I first started knitting and didn't know better, and stuff I've been given. If I see a pattern I'd like to make, chances are, there's nothing in the stash that would work and I own too much yarn to justify buying more. So I've been grabbing stuff from the stash, picking a pattern that works and making it. I'm going to continue doing it as part of knitting resolution #2, which is,
  2. Build up a substantial gift stash so that I won't spend next December cursing my extended family for being so numerous. A minimum of one knitted toy a month should do it. I realize that what I'm doing here is just moving the yarn from one part of the closet to another, but then it'll all get cleared out by the holidays.
*I'm not saying that I want to have zero yarn stash because I need to have some supplies handy. But I want to have the space to have my dream stash, which includes:
  • Several cones of dishcloth cotton, because it always comes in handy.
  • A few balls of sock yarn, since I'm getting the hang of knitting socks and HA and I don't have too many handknitted socks yet.
  • Project leftovers, suitable for knitting and crocheting toys and other stash busting projects.
  • Whatever yarn I need for the next few projects.
  • Scrumptious yarn that I just had to buy and will be able to use without having to dig through all the other yarn.
So what are your resolutions, if any? And what's your dream stash of yarn, craft supplies, hobby supplies, etc.?


  1. I was trying to figure out what to go with the yarn I have aquired in the last several month of crocheting that were bad bad choices for the project.

  2. I actually want to learn to knit. I have bought with Christmas Gift cards material for it I just need to find time to sit down and do it!

  3. My dream stash would be time - I've already got all the supplies and crap I need. I just never have time to finish anything, you know?

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