Monday, March 22, 2010

Corned Beef Fest

I brought with me:
  • 2 machine-baked loaves of rye bread
  • 2 pairs of alligator mittens (1 for an almost 2-year old and the other for my early-20-something godson who specially requested them)
  • 1 pair of hand knit socks that shrunk in the wash that now fit one of my cousins
I took home:
  • leftovers
  • 2 tins of vintage buttons (I now own both my grandmothers' button boxes. They deserve a post of their own.)
  • a big stack of knitting and sewing books and magazines (also inherited from Grandma)
  • a knitting machine (given to my Grandma by all my aunts and uncles together. We immediately placed orders for those afghans that she'd been making a lot of (me included) because no one realized that those afghans were CROCHETED. It's a testament to her patience and graciousness that she didn't stab us all with a knitting needle.
During the party, my cousin Caitlin (my Godsister* and recipient of the shrunken socks) came into the dining room and complained that she didn't know anything about old movies and someone had made fun of her for it the night before. (She's in her mid-20s**) She mentioned Singing in the Rain, so I asked HA to bring up the iconic dance routine on his iPhone via You Tube.

This is how she looked as she watched it:

Her exclamations included, "Oh, there's a cop, he's going to be in trouble," and "He gave that guy his umbrella. What a nice Gene Kelly."

I can't wait to fully indoctrinate her in the ways of the MGM movie musical and other classics. I'm thinking that Gigi, Top Hat and The Thin Man are must sees. What classics do you think that even a non-movie buff should see?

* We have the same Godfather and her mom is my Godmother.
**I refuse to do the exact math because it'll make me feel old.


  1. I recommend The Third Man, Road to Morocco, North by Northwest and The Lavender Hill Mob...

  2. Hi! Your post is great. Have a nice weekend!


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