Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The apartment has been cleared of a metric fuckton of dirty tissues and I'm back to doing battle with my migraines. I just discovered that the lemons I've been squeezing into my water to control my acid reflux seems to be a migraine trigger. Well, hello, jumbo size container of Tums.

But I'm feeling great today thanks to some lovely pharmaceuticals. My old migraine medicine (which I used to be afraid to leave the house without) is dead to me. Dead! I was so eager to take the new stuff this morning that I tried to put it in my mouth while it was still in the foil pack.

My internal dialogue: Hey, I'm poking myself in the mouth with sharp plastic. That can't be right.

So I'm just back from my very first CSA pickup and I'm squee-ing all over the kitchen. If you don't know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A bunch of people pay a bunch of money in the spring, the farmer uses the money to buy seeds and when the seeds have turned into food, the people get a bunch of fresh vegetables one a week for 20 weeks. You can also get fruit and eggs and so on if you go for those options. You have no idea what you'll get every week, but it's economical and convenient.

So here's my haul:

Yellow squashes, a cucumber, green beans, tomatoes, curly kale, spring onions, beets basil and lettuce.

I realize that you care very little about my veggies, but there are a few things of interest in the photo that may amuse you. From left to right:
  • Recipe hanging from a skirt hanger hanging from hook on the cabinet door. The recipe is for cinnamon cake in a mug, which is a moderately effective treatment for my migraines in a way that eating straight sugar is not.
  • Turquoise and brown cocoa tin holding cooking utensils. We bought it on our honeymoon and it keeps the drawers from getting too cluttered.
  • Mesh vegetable basket shaped like a pumpkin.
  • Cheerios--the one processed food you'll have to pry from my cold, dead hands.
  • The glass thing with a black cover--it's a microwave popcorn popper that has rocked my world. It's on the counter waiting to be cleaned because I refuse to let it hang out in the sink waiting to be cleaned where it could be chipped or cracked (rendering it unsafe for the microwave) so it gets forgotten and then washed before each use instead of after, which works.
So what random crap is on your kitchen counter? Any favorite recipes for kale or beet greens?


  1. I've had good luck with migraines since I started balancing carbs with protein in my meals - and eating first thing in the morning. Plus magnesium supplements. I hate it when people give ME these suggestions, but since it worked (and I haven't filled my migraine medicine for two years) I just thought I'd pass it on.

    As for the kitchen counter, I've got avocados, bananas, tomatoes, pears, nectarines, and some whole wheat bread. Plus a whole lot of half opened mail and other crap.

  2. We are fans of baked kale here. Tear the leaves into chip-sized pieces, wash AND DRY them (I whirl them in a spinner, then finish drying with a towel), put them on a baking sheet and toss with 1-2 tsp olive oil. Put in 450 oven for 8 minutes, then keep checking every minute until most of them are parchment dry. Remove from oven, sprinkle with sea salt immediately, then dump into a bowl and enjoy. YUM!


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