Sunday, January 16, 2011

Everything is Random

  1. I had a dream the other night that was my typical trying to get something accomplished and not managing dream. This time it was a quest to find some cake icing. (I have no idea. Just go with it.) At the end of the dream, the shopping complex I was in was invaded by commandos. And now I want to end every anecdote with "And then there were commandos."
  2. I seem to be feeling better, partly due to the mild exercise I've been getting with Wii Fit. Which kinda pisses me off since the idiot thing has told me twice to take it easy on holiday treats. In January. This is annoying on so many levels that I don't know how I'm going to stick to my resolution to stop ranting at the damn thing.
  3. Or is it referring to all those MLK Jr. birthday cakes you see everywhere this time of year?
  4. I wonder what it's going to say about my President's Day cherry pie.
  5. I totally stink at the ping pong game on Wii Sports Resort. I've lost against the least capable computer-generated opponent. The one that you're supposed to be able to beat easily. Multiple times. I've realized that if I'm going to get better at this game, I'm going to have to care about ping pong for the length of a 6 point game instead of zoning out about 1/3 of the way through. I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge.
  6. After a year in this neighborhood, I've discovered a place to buy Kerrygold Irish butter, and I am exceedingly happy about this. I started using it years ago when Cooking Light magazine recommended it because when you use only a small amount of butter, using the best butter makes up for it. And damn, this stuff is good. It has something to do with the grass the cows eat. Regular butter seems like a waste of food in comparison.
  7. Eating butter from across the Atlantic isn't locavore/good for the environment/whatevs, but eating whatever veggies my CSA farmer comes up with for 20 weeks of the year probably makes up for that.
  8. Besides, I'm so smug from not owning a car that I need to be taken down a peg anyway.
  9. And then there were commandos.


  1. I just wrote something about everything ending with "And then there was pie" I think I'll add in commandos too. You can't beat pie and commandos!

  2. Luckily, Pillsbury makes the "Easy Frost" spray for just this situations. Point at commandos and shoot.


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