Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have You Ever Really?

HA and I watched Don Juan de Marco the other night. The second the end credits started, accompanied by the strains of the Bryan Adams theme song (btw, laziest song-writing ever. Really, really.), he leaped up and turned off the DVD and took it out of the player. It turns out he hates Bryan Adams. This information inspired me to sing the song to him until he's ready to divorce me.

I'm still not sure if this is because I suck, or because he was totally asking for it by leaping into action like that.

I keep getting the song stuck in my head, so I'm suffering more than he is.

Plus, he keeps serenading me with the song from the stupid Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie that I liked when it first came out. (The movie more than the song.)

Shut up. Christian Slater was in it.

And Alan Rickman, so shut up some more.

I also keep getting the Robin Hood song stuck in my head, so clearly karma things I'm the jerk in this situation.


  1. I've had a song in my head for three weeks - Barrier Reef by the Old 97s. I like it...but not *that* much, you know?

  2. Alan Rickman was the best part of that movie. Actually, he's usually the best part of ANY movie he's in.


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