Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Stuff

No apologies for not posting since...OMG September? Really? Aw jeez. Not apologizing anyway since that would be the most boring way to start a blog post ever.

No excuses either. I live with chronic migraine pain and have to spend the good days I have writing stuff that I get paid for. Plus blogging about being in pain? Boring for both of us.

I blog for Skirt! more often than I do here because I figure if they're kind enough to invite me to write for them, I should actually do it occasionally. My latest post is about Resolutions that I'm totally gonna be able to keep.

But Skirt! doesn't want me swearing, so I'm not leaving here any time soon.

Random things that are in my head:
  1. Months after seeing Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, I still think that Marquis de Carabas is the best name ever.
  2. Having a migraine (as I do right now) makes me cranky. Today it makes me want to stab the patriarchy with a mechanical pencil. This has been brought on by an article in the NY Times about how men are turned off by women crying. I refuse to read the article, so the study may not actual prove that, but just once I'd like to have something like this spun from the perspective that women are the ones whose opinion matters. As in "women are turned off by men reacting badly to their crying".
  3. Could we just stop worrying about attracting members of the opposite sex so much and just enjoy life for five fucking minutes?
  4. I'd also like to stab the next advertiser that pushes the whole "all women are insane in the face of chocolate" thing. Besides the obvious reasons, I prefer vanilla. Or a nice pie.
  5. For some reason I can't find Hostess Fruit Pies anywhere in NYC anymore. Not that I've been looking that hard. They contain as much fat as a Big Mac and don't taste as good a real pie anyway. But when I found some in the drug store in Missouri, I bought them all up. Because it's been a long time, my friend.
  6. Mmm...pie.
  7. After revisiting the Midwest, I can report that not everything in restaurants is slathered in cheese, covered in bacon and deep fried, but a significant number of things are.


  1. Hooray and welcome back. Love Neverwhere. The only problem with the copy that I watched was the intro to each episode was a bit of a bother but loved it loved it loved it! Yes Hostess pies are still available. I usually find them in bodegas or 711s.

  2. That sums things up rather nicely. Luckily you're married to HA and not one of *those* men.

  3. Welcome back! Glad you were able to satisfy that Hostess fruit pie craving.


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