Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuff That's Pissing Me Off

Queen of HeartsBecause I'm still in a lot of pain from a slip & fall last weekend and so I'm cranky and I've got to bitch somewhere.

Power saws. Not the tool, but the screeching whine they make that bores into my head like a nail. It's raining, so the construction guys next door aren't there, but the neighbor across the street is using one on the porch. I cannot catch a fucking break here.

Whatever the hell my upstairs neighbor is doing that's making so much noise. Again.

Royal wedding backlash--Jesus H people, The prince is a freaking tourist attraction, of course there's going to be a lot of media attention. I just want to look at pretty dresses. It's not like I complain about other people's interest in stuff I'm not into. I loathe sports, but you don't hear me whining about all the sports coverage on TV when there are more important things happening. If I can ignore sports, you can ignore the royal wedding for another day.

The growing list of foods I have to avoid because of migraines. Seriously, at this rate, the only food I'll be able to eat is Velveeta.

Any mention of food that I can't eat because of migraines. I just scowled at a series of recipes in a magazine that include miso. I don't even like miso. Yet it vexes me anyway.

The 10 days I'll have to wait to see my orthopedist to find out exactly how much damage I did when I fell.

My glasses, which I've been stuck wearing for weeks now as I recover from eyelid surgery. And no, I didn't have them done. I had a weird thing-ectomy. The surgeon even said, "I've never seen one just like that and I've seen a LOT of those."

OK, I've run out of stuff. What's pissing you off?