Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a Good Thing I Don't Own a Voodoo Doll

Construction site Masshouse Lane / Albert Street - JCB Covertron<--This is what it sounds like in my apartment.

I've been ready to storm upstairs to have a polite word with my upstairs neighbor all week before the intermittent hammering drove me completely insane. Hell, I was even prepared to help him finish whatever he was trying to build just to end the misery. Unless he had taken up sculpture or carpentry IN AN APARTMENT BUILDING* in which case, I was going to strongly suggest that he get a studio space since I shouldn't have to spend my money on cafes or a rented workspace to carry out my job that doesn't bother anyone in the building.

*(Seriously, years ago, I advertised for a roommate and a guy called asking if he could rent the room for less than I was asking just to use the space to practice his drums. Because he'd rather piss off my neighbors than his own, apparently. People.)**

**Total pet peeve of mine? People who use footnotes in their blogposts and put them at the end so you have to scroll up and down to read them. Footnotes and endnotes are convenient with physical books, to so much with blogs.***

***The publishers of Tina Fey's book pulled that shit with the Kindle edition. Since she used asterisks, not numbers, I assume in the print version, they're footnotes that you can look at right away so that the joke is actually funny. Putting all the punchlines at the end of the book? Someone needs a kick in the shins.

OK, so back to the guy upstairs. It turns out that the hammering has to do with the construction that's going on in the hallways. I'll have to wait for them to get to my floor to find out what the hell they’re doing that requires hammering. I thought they were just redoing the floors, ripping up the old vinyl flooring and replacing it with new stuff.

So then I felt bad about being mad at the guy upstairs completely unbeknownst to him. Though, seriously? The walls in this building are so thick I hear nothing from the people on my floor. By the floors are so unsoundproof that I can hear his phone vibrate. Let alone the loud conversations, parties until 1 am and loud movies he watches in the middle of the afternoon.****

****I tried to convince myself that he's a homebound film critic and HAS TO watch movies during the day while recreating the full THX experience. But I doubt it.

But then he started up with the loud music and I stopped feeling bad and started feeling like a nervous breakdown was sneaking up behind me.

And have I mentioned that wearing earplugs gives me vertigo?

I'm really looking forward to trying out the new space bags I ordered from Amazon to take the edge off.