Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodnight Irene

I live in a part of Brooklyn that doesn't have to evacuate in any severity hurricane, so we just dug out the flashlight, put a couple of candles and a lighter on the kitchen counter, filled a couple of pitchers with water and called ourselves prepared. We also cleared off the bathroom floor and put towels around the base of the toilet, because sometimes when it rains, the water coming out of the washing machines in the laundry room (one floor down) comes up out of our toilet. This didn't happen, so we came through the storm completely unscathed.

Things I thought I'd be able to get done while we were stuck in the house during the hurricane:
  • do the mending
  • start sewing myself a bathrobe (Now that I've learned to sew in a straight line with my sewing machine, I want to move on to clothes. I figure I can wear a bathrobe even if it turns out like ass. Also, the only robes Macy's has in my size are in synthetic fabric, which is exactly what you don't want next to your skin in a steamy bathroom on a humid day. Macy's also has housedresses in my size, of the style my grandma wore. This is just not a look I'm willing to embrace at this point in my life.)
  • clean the apartment
  • make a loaf of bread with the bread maker
  • watch a bunch of TV and movies with His Awesomeness
What I actually did during the hurricane thanks to the migraine that started Thursday night when the storm was nowhere near NYC and is still lingering (in a greatly lessened state) today:
  • Cleaned out the fridge to make room for the pitchers of water.
  • Found the jar of clotted cream I bought in June so I could make scones for my birthday. (It's a small jar and I've looked for it without finding it enough times that I thought it was the jar that HA dropped and broke. Now I have no idea what was in the broken jar.)
  • Checked the expiration date, which is December, so it's still good.
  • Considered making scones
  • Realized that I was in too much pain to stand up for that long.
  • Continued my campaign to mold the couch cushions to fit my body perfectly.
  • Moaned and whimpered a bit to break up the monotony.
  • Watched massive amounts of TV and movies, both through Netflix streaming and Tivo.
  • Did some reading for my writing group (during the worst of the storm, when my migraine was at a low pain point--go figure)
Some of the specific programs and movies that filled my weekend:
  • Tangled. I dozed through what I think was the comic relief bit in the middle, so I would like to see it again when I'm feeling better. When Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore sang the oscar-nominated song from this movie at the Oscars (You Tube link), their age difference made the whole thing a bit creepy. OK, distractingly creepy. Their animated versions are much more age appropriate, so that was fine, except that I can’t un-see the Oscars performance no matter how much I pop open my skull and rinse my brain out with water.
  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Spoiler alert--it doesn't. It was made in 1957 and makes fun of ad men, as well as TV and radio. They actually stop the movie about an hour in so that Tony Randall can come out and explain that they're taking a break for the TV fans who are used to having their stories interrupted for commercials. Then he goes into a radio soap opera-type spiel (Will this happen? Will that happen? Will success spoil Rock Hunter?). Very meta.
  • The new episode of Doctor Who. Loved. One of these days, I'm going to watch all the River Song episodes in reverse order to see the story arc from her point of view. (She & The Doctor are both time travelers and they're going in opposite directions. So when they first meet, she knows all about him and each time we see her is actually an earlier point in her life from the last one. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. It's actually less confusing than I'm making it sound, because 4-day migraine.)
  • Passover Fever, which, well, it's no When Do We Eat? which, by its title alone, is the perfect Passover movie. I enjoyed it, and I'm just glad to have it off my Netflix queue because every time I see the name, I think of this clip from The Soup:

And now that song is stuck in your head too. You're welcome.

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