Friday, August 26, 2011

Weird Dreams

So the pill I've been taking to prevent migraines (moderately effective at best) has strange nightmares as one of the side effects.

Weird dreams I've had so far:
  • I was hanging out with some people, went into Staples to get something and then the whole place was full of zombies.
  • I was hunting down a serial killer. At one point in the dream, he was sentenced to jail, but not for afternoons, so he was still holding someone prisoner and was feeding them every afternoon. Why no one just followed the guy to his lair so they could free the person, I dunno.
  • The Project Runway dream.
Weird dreams I expect to have soon:
  • Zombies on pogo sticks.
  • Kangaroos on pogo sticks.
  • Singing houseplants.
  • All my unread books chasing me, calling "Read me! Read me!"
  • The one where I become Empress of Canada.
  • Poutine, and lots of it.
  • The one where I'm on Hair Battle Spectacular and have to design and execute a fantasy hairdo.
  • The one where I'm an Angry Bird.
  • Angry Birds on pogo sticks.

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  1. When you become Empress of Canada, can you bring me some poutine? KTHXBY


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