Friday, August 12, 2011

ZOMG, The 'tox

Syringe 3 With Drops

I finally got my migraine Botox shots yesterday. And well, that hurt more than expected. I always tell doctors that I have a high pain threshold since I'm a migraine sufferer, but wow a big needle in the forehead hurts. I thought I'd be getting them at the hinge of my jaw (at the base of the trigeminal nerve which has tentacles spreading across the face to everywhere migraines hurt), but no. Forehead, and several spots on my head. 4 syringes-worth of Botox coursing through my melon. One on my forehead bled, and still hurt hours later. I got a little woozy which I treated with a Ginger ale and grilled cheese at a nearby diner, plus another ginger ale and a nap at home. Highly recommended for whatever ails you. (Heh, at first I typed "whatever ales you". At least the Botox hasn't paralyzed my rapier wit.)

The effects don't start for a week, so I still have a few days to wrinkle my brow at HA. We've been saying that I should take a bunch of pix of me making different faces so I can just hold up the applicable picture if I'm no longer able to make cranky faces at him. The doc says I just won't be able raise my eyebrows as much, so no more Spock eyebrow raises for me.

And here's the other thing I forgot to mention on Wednesday. On my way home on Tuesday, the subway lines I needed to take were so messed up, that I finally gave up and went shopping until things cleared up. My purchases?
  • A soldering iron & solder
  • Purple nail polish
I'm feeling pretty awesome about that. I've applied the nail polish, but haven't used the soldering iron yet. I'm hoping to use it while still wearing this nail polish. Because I have to amuse myself somehow.

What's the weirdest combination of items you've ever bought on the same trip? Anyone who can beat the Radio Shack/Sephora combination gets major bragging rights.

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