Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Fall TV Season Approacheth

This past week, I've been even more psyched than usual to read the latest Entertainment Weekly (aka EW, pronounced "E.W." by some and "ew" by me). They have a big fall TV preview issue, complete with a list of the shows sorted by premiere date. I've even gone so far as to circle all the shows I want to check out on that list, so I can set the Tivo accordingly.

But I'm not equally interested in every new or returning series. I've realized that there are several categories of TV show.
  • Returning, and I'll definitely be watching the whole season.
  • New, and I may stop watching after a few episodes/when it's cancelled after a few episodes.
  • New, and maybe I'll make it through the first episode without throwing anything at the television set.
  • New, and I hope it doesn't suck, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • New, and please don't let it suck.
  • New or Returning and I don't care. I don't care how good it is, you can't make me watch another crime drama/police procedural/soap/reality show.
I won't name specific shows, since it's all subjective and I don't expect you to share my tastes. (Though if you're not watching Fringe, I just don't know you anymore. Just don't watch it while eating. Just trust me on this.) And it's enough work to read the issue and circle all the show names for eventual DVRing. I'm not going to categorize each and every show because that would be almost as boring for you as it would be for me.

What are you looking forward to watching?

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  1. Hmm...

    I'll be watching "Charlie's Angels" but really only because Javier "The Middleman" Grillo-Marxuach is on the writing staff.

    I miss "Mad Men", so I'll check out "Pan Am" and "The Playboy Club", but I have the gut feeling that I'll be dropping at least one by the second episode.

    "Up All Night" has a fantastic cast, that's reason enough to check out a few episodes.

    Um... "Terra Nova" because it has dinosaurs, and "2 Broke Girls" because advance reviews have been good - and to have fun with how inaccurate their depiction of Brooklyn is.


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