Friday, September 9, 2011

Let's be Random, Shall We?

I wish I could google things like "where the hell did I put the pencil sharpener?"

The other night, I dreamed I was in France and my attempts to speak French actually woke me up.

This makes me feel like I should finally get proficient in French. I only lived there, for fuck's sake.

Because I'm not busy enough. Apparently.

Remember the old "You must pay the rent" bit from, I want to say Electric Company, so let's go with that, though it could've been Ville Allegre? What kills me about that bit (which I repeat on the first of every month), and what most people forget is that they started the sketch by saying that you can make up games with just one prop and your imagination. The whole point was to teach kids to make up their own games. The actual result was teaching kids to recite the "You must pay the rent" bit verbatim, proving that we of Generation X will not do what we're told.

The original sketch doesn't seem to be on You Tube. But you know what is? Dozens of videos of people re-enacting the bit.

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  1. Hmm...I think I recall kids doing that bit on "Zoom"


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