Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Migraine Movie Marathon

I spent my Labor Day Weekend in pain, so I got better acquainted with the couch and watched many movies. Some pretty high falutin' flicks in the mix because we have IFC now. Release the mini-reviews!

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly--A very slow moving film by necessity--it's about a guy with locked-in syndrome. How fast can it go? Perfect pacing for when you're laid up yourself.

The Last King of Scotland--Gee that movie got brutally violent at the end. I actually covered my eyes with both hands. And I saw some pretty disgusting stuff when I was a volunteer EMT. But damn, Idi Amin was fucked up. Like Frank Miller fucked up. (I saw Sin City a couple of weeks ago and I'm still suffering flashbacks. I think the mind of Frank Miller is a very scary place and we're all lucky he channelled all that fucked-upness into comic books rather than enacting any of the horrific acts of violence he makes up. He may be a delightful and well adjusted individual in real life, but I don't think I'll be getting close enough to him to find out.)

The Canterville Ghost, 1990s Patrick Stewart/Neve Campbell incarnation. We watched this as a follow up to the WW2-era version, which was much better, even though it included jaunty American GIs teaching the locals how to swing dance. Because only Americans really know how to party. Or something.

The Namesake. Man, I could go for some samosas. This film had as many close-ups of food as Julie & Julia. Probably would've enjoyed it more if I'd watched it straight through instead of stopping to watch something else with HA several times. There are some huge jumps in time between some scenes. I suspect the book is less disorienting.

The Sweet Smell of Success. Sounds like a jaunty showbiz romp, right? Not so much. More like the Acrid Stench of Failure and Unhappiness. Also, I can't look at vintage Tony Curtis without picturing him in drag. Also, also, they didn't care too much about cigarette continuity--at one point, Burt Lancaster took out a cigarette and lit it, and I was like "you were less than halfway through a cigarette 5 seconds ago. What did you do with that one? Are you just wasting cigarettes to show off?"

The Searchers. Good movie. Whole lotta racism. Yes, the movie is supposed to make us think about racism and conclude that it's wrong, but damn, when you've already reached that conclusion, it's hard not to dismiss certain characters as assholes.

So what did you did with your Labor Day weekend?

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