Monday, September 12, 2011


Book collectionI love fiction, but rarely tear through a book. Years of reading on the subway while commuting to work has affected my brain, training me to read in 45-60 minutes bursts. When I get to read at home, I often find myself deciding that I've had enough and need to go do something else. I'll even have to renew library books that I haven't started yet (after 3 weeks).

Once I had to return a book that I hadn’t begun reading because it was new and had a waiting list (no renewals allowed). I got the book about a month later and loved it, btw. Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Even if you want to pop Shopaholic in the face, you'll enjoy Twenties Girl. Or at least that's where I stand on things. I've enjoyed all her non-shopaholic books, including those written under her real name (Madeleine Wickham).

(I know quite a few people who can't stand Shopaholic, including some people who probably blow all their money at restaurants and bars instead of clothes, so y'know, we're all big, fat hypocrites. Just think how boring the world would be if we all had our heads on straight. I don't loathe Shopaholic, but I do want to smack her. Because I possess self control and am still fat (because self control isn't the only factor in weight), yet I spent years listening to co-workers about half my width going on and on about how they'd weigh a ton if they had those chocolate truffles in their house. Because a box of 20 chocolate truffles are going to turn you into a complete lardass. Eat them, or don't and shut the fuck up about it. I brought in a box of truffles from The Chocolate Show to be nice, so stop acting like I've wounded you in some way.)

(You do get the connection there, right?)

Anyhoodle, I recently got What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty from the library and knew I'd need to actually read the thing in 3 weeks to get it back on time. I think it ended up taking me 3 days. Maybe 4. Because the whole "I've had enough for now" thing didn't happen.

You see, Alice wakes up after falling and hitting her head, convinced that she's 29 and pregnant with her 1st child. In fact, she's 39, has 3 kids and is getting a divorce. Which freaked me the fuck out because loving your husband while everyone (including him) tells you that you hate him is just terrifying. Her ex-to-be even bets her money that she'll go back to wanting a divorce as soon as she gets her memory back. And of course she doesn't get her memory back until the end and I just had to find out what would happen then.

Excellent read.

What have you read lately that you couldn't get enough of?

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  1. I'm reading Tina Fey's "Bossypants" book. Which is pretty hilarious if you're the same age and can get some of pop culture references.


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