Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Power Watching

Thanks to the modern miracle that is Netflix, I've power watched several TV series. There are some definite advantages to watching the episodes all at once. No waiting until next week or next season for things to get resolved, for example. (I imagine that watching Lost this way will be somewhat less painful than watching it while it was still on. I decided to wait for the DVDs when I saw the at first pleasant, and then not so pleasant agonies fans were going through in the first season. I still haven't gotten around to it.)

It was comforting watching The Dick Van Dyke Show at the rate of an episode or two a day. For a few weeks, my before-bed ritual was watching some wacky adventures.

But too many episodes too watched too close together and it can get on my nerves. There was a few episodes in one of the later seasons where Mary Tyler Moore got into wacky misunderstandings with barely an episode in between. It struck me as lazy writing, especially on a show that featured writers sitting around saying, "no, we can't do that premise. We did it 2 weeks ago."

Unlike some people, I can't watch an entire season in a weekend. Which would be a handy skill considering the migraine situation. (My plans for last weekend: haircut & clothes shopping. My actual weekend: PJs and couch with migraines. Yes, plural. I had a few hours pain free Sunday morning and then my fucking head started up again. I feel like I should name my migraines, like a friend of mine named her tumor. Suggestions welcome.)

Another downside is that no one else is watching the show at the same time as me. I have no one to discuss it with!

(Side note: I was once on a e-mail list of acquaintances that, among other things, rehashed and discussed TV shows. The list started to die when the list owner got a Tivo, didn't watch America's Next Top Model the night it aired, then got pissed off when people discussed it the next day anyway. Because she couldn't be expected to ignore those emails and then come back to them later. Or something.)

I finished Dick Van Dyke and now I'm into Monarch of the Glen, which is not a period drama, even though the name makes it sound that way. Present time, scottish manor that the young laird is trying to turn into a money making (instead of money-losing) business. Quirky characters, hilarity ensues amongst nature's beauty. I gave it 5 stars out of 5 while watching the first season, but now that I'm on the 4th, it's lost a star in my estimation. From what I've read online, it may lose another by the end of the 7th season.

The most frustrating part is that I have no one (even online, apparently) to turn to and say, "What the hell were the writers thinking?" or "Did they write out that character, thereby screwing up a season-ending happy ending because they can't write a show without the will they or won't they thing going on? Or did that actress just want to leave the show?".

Still, it's comforting to watch an episode a day. Even though it sometimes involves bagpipes, which my head doesn't appreciate. But that's what remote controls are for. (I dream of a remote control with a headache button. It would lower or raise the volume by 5 so I wouldn't have to press the volume buttons 5 times to adjust it every time something got too loud.)

Anybody else have a show they wish they could discuss with people? But can't because no one else on the planet cares about it anymore?

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  1. I've been power watching "Fantasy Island" and the old "Hardy Boys Mysteries" from 1977. After the ridiculous pilot episode of "Fantasy Island" the other episodes of Season 1 steadily improve, but at least they're still not as hokey as the Hardy Boys show's script and production. When I get too bored with either I switch to the quicker-paced "Monk" DVD series.


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