Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bullet Time

  • My Facebook Account is down temporarily, which means that I haven't checked my News Feed this morning and...and...and it's just messing with my mojo, OK? It's totally thrown off my morning routine. Which could make for a good FB status, except that I can't post to Facebook right now.
  • This should bother me so much less than it does.
  • I got my second round of Botox shots last week. They hurt less than the first time. I'm still waiting to see if they do the trick.
  • I've got some sort of autocomplete going on as I'm typing this. I don't know whether to thank/blame Blogger or my shiny new iMac.
  • Have you heard about this campaign to use the pre-paid reply envelopes that come with pre-approved credit cards to send messages to banks? It's enough to make me sort through the giant stack of unsorted mail looking for envelopes I can send back.
  • Christmas shopping? Seriously? I am so not feeling it yet.
  • I may skip making handmade gifts for the eleventy-one kids in my extended family. The migraines have really decreased my knitting output this year.
  • Or I may decide to start whipping up cork elves for everyone. After making 150 for my brother's wedding (I have pix of all 150 lined up, but haven't gotten around to posting them a year and a half later), it takes me less than 45 minutes to do each one.
  • We'll see.
  • I've checked Facebook 10 times since I started writing this. Because I wants it.
  • Huzzah! It worked the 11th time. To the Facebook!

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