Friday, January 27, 2012

The Joys of Plumbing

bathtub &umbrellaThis Jenuary just hasn't been my month. Cold, migraines, stomach flu and now plumbing issues of a different nature.

The background
The cold bathtub tap hasn't closed all the way for weeks now. It closes most of the way and the water trickles a little throughout the day. The super knows about it, but he has a day job and it takes him a while to get to things. He's still faster than the landlord's one plumber who takes about 6 weeks to show up. To replace a freaking washer that I could replace myself if I had a socket wrench, which I refuse to obtain on principle.

Wednesday morning's events
  1. Wake up to discover that cold faucet isn't closing at all and there's an annoying amount of cold water running.
  2. Try to adjust it and make it worse.
  3. Realize that this didn't get worse with no one touching it. His Not-So-Awesomeness just didn't notice after his shower.
  4. Get screwdriver and pliers to turn off cold water the hard way.
  5. Discover my inability to loosen the screw on the tap cover, due to a combination of my own illness-induced weakness and how tight the super made the screw when he last worked on the faucet.
  6. Perform morning ablutions.
  7. Turn off water to the entire apartment under the kitchen sink.
  8. Check the bathtub.
  9. Discover that I only turned off the water to the kitchen sink.
  10. Turn on kitchen sink water supply.
  11. Turn off apartment water supply (mostly, see above referenced illness-induced weakness).
  12. Check the bathtub.
  13. Discover that water is closer to a trickle now.
  14. Try unscrewing the faucet cover again.
  15. Consider divorcing His Not-So-Awesomeness.
  16. Think better of it.
  17. Have breakfast.
  18. Turn water back on.
  19. Take shower.
  20. Attempt to turn water off with towel turban on head.
  21. Swear profusely.
  22. Remove towel.
  23. Turn water off.
  24. Leave apartment for doctor's appointment and work, relieved that at least the super unclogged the bathtub drain last week so I don't have to stay home bailing it out all day.


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